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"There's a confidence and swagger to the songwriting, and a lyric that wouldn't be out of
place in Robert Forster's notepad. Good stuff. "
- Chris Taylor The Chaser War on Everything.

"Very impressed by your CD. An instant addition to my playlist."
- Lindsay Montgomery Radio 2SEA FM

“I'll be using the CDs regularly and I'll recommend it around the station"
- Mary Conlon 89.1 Triple B FM8CCCFM

"I have played it several times since it's arrival at various timeslots "
- Joanne McGinnis Music Co-ordinator 8CCCFM 102.1

“well crafted and melodious edges...keep producing the music, its great stuff”
- Adam Gamble CamFm UK

“I’ve been listening to the album, it sounds awesome...I have Nick Cave moments. Creepy Little Things get stuck in my head, it’s very catchy! ‘All You Can Do’ makes me want to skank."
- Suzy Byrne, National Press Manager, Universal Music Australia